Don't Stress Over a Broken Screen

Visit our store based in Southbury, CT for phone screen and tablet screen repair services today

After you drop your phone, you notice a small chip in your screen. Within days, that tiny chip has turned into a spiderweb of cracks all across your screen. Don't panic - bring your phone to us.

AllTech Repair can complete phone screen repair or replacement with ease, plus tablet screen repair or replacement. Our team based in Southbury, CT can also fix or replace your:

  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Charging port
  • Headphone dock
  • Phone or tablet back
  • Speaker

We can also fix a logic board issue, motherboard issue or liquid damage. If you have a locked iPhone, we can't unlock it. However, we can unlock access to iCloud, where you may have backed up your data.

To schedule anything from phone screen repair to cloud access services, call 203-805-1053 now. You can also email us about tablet screen repair or other repair work.

What else do we provide?

If you're a first-time customer, we'll give you a free screen protector. Plus, you can be confident that your phone or tablet's repair will last. We'll provide a 90-day warranty, and if any issues come up in that time, we'll complete repairs or replacements.